Artist quality wallpaper. Curated.

Wolppp is a curated showcase website of finest wallpaper art made by selected artists, illustrators and designers. All of our free wallpaper download are available for many different devices.

Wolppp showcases high-quality wallpaper that has been artfully crafted by each artist, illustrator or designer we've invited.

The story

We want to get inspired (everytime)

There’s a time (most of the time, probably) when you need to be inspired, especially by visual artwork. It proven for us that visual can bring different mood.

We were looking for another visual style. We browse and we bookmark it. When we found a visual that really engage us, we wish we can put it as a wallpaper on my device, so we can be inspired everytime without needed to browse back or digging through my bookmark.

So we were thinking...

If a visual or artwork meant to be shared by putting it online, why wouldn’t the artist make wallpaper out of that artwork that can be used by people, like digital wallpaper? so we can install it on our device and get inspired everytime? and what if there’s a place that put it all together?

and thus the idea of creating Wolppp is born.

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